1. Mops and Mop Heads
    Mops and Mop Heads
    Get the perfect clean for any floor. We carry dust mops too for those times you don't need a full wash.
  2. Buckets and Wringers
    Buckets and Wringers
    Side press and down press wringers. 26 and 35 quart buckets available in a variety of different colours. **Cleaner not included
  3. Push Brooms
    Push Brooms
    Big messes or little messes we have a push broom to suit your needs!
  4. Toilet Paper and
Paper towel
    Toilet Paper and Paper towel
    Running out of toilet paper makes everyone feel a little blue, don't let it happen to you. We also have paper towel to help clean up life's accidents.
  5. Utility Brushes
    Utility Brushes
    We can get you any brush with any bristle to clean any surface!
  6. Garbage Bags
    Garbage Bags
    Bags to fit anything you need to dispose of...
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